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Calli Beck

Calli Beck

Founder, Collaborator, Catalyst

Calli is an artist, designer, and fabricator who specializes in meticulous details, complex patterns, and a broad understanding of different materials. Her versatility and sense of values are the core of the shop.

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Star Raven Fabrication welders at work


The shop is nothing without the community of supporters and collaborators we are surrounded by.  We have a massive collection of skilled artists and engineers we collaborate with when making our work. If you have a wild and crazy idea, we'll be able to pull in the right combination of people to make it a reality.



Stark Raven is a fabrication studio that focuses on helping artists scale their work into large scale sculpture, architectural and environmental elements, and immersive design. We are a diverse group of artists who are determined to break the toxic nature of the average fabrication shop. We are a safe space for all BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and otherwise othered folk. We build to make the world a more beautiful, magical place. We value curiosity, experimentation, exploration, and finding the boundaries of our comfort zones.

While Stark Raven focuses primarily on metal work, carpentry, casting, and sculpture, we also have hands in textiles, fiber arts, tailoring, costuming, interactive electronics and lighting. Our space also includes a large flexible area for community events and gatherings. Our ultimate goal is to create a space for sharing the skills that generate collective interdependence and individual enrichment. We are dedicated to helping folks in our greater community develop skills to create opportunities in creative industries. We want to make our trades accessible to communities and individuals who wouldn’t otherwise have easy access to the tools in our shop. 


For artists stepping into their first large commission or public artwork, we have a specialized team with the expertise to help streamline the development and fabrication process. Our fee structures are designed to keep this service financially approachable. 

For those seeking to add to their skill set, we have a variety of opportunities to learn our crafts. This looks like one-on-one lessons with someone in our shop that has experience in a particular trade with a pay-what-you-can basis. For those looking to pursue a career in the fabrication world, we offer working apprenticeships in our shop.

The opportunities we have to support our community come from clients: restaurants, bars, clubs, museums, festivals, production companies, home owners, and real estate developers. Without the ongoing work from those who support us, we wouldn't be able to do what we do.   

Art is the backbone of revolution.

By understanding how the world is built, we are empowered to change it.

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3812 Oliver Drive

Santa Fe, NM 87507


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